Softened, almost into melody

“The Longest Knight of Waiting”
After Broken English Garden Rose,
Departs from beneath Lyme woods Willow Tree.  This which  is written here below is the ‘Winds of Change which speaks of English Summers Sounds.
Writing here at my new abode,
In Twilight,
A New Abode.
Softened, almost into melody,
In the distance,
By the most English of all English Summers Sounds,
A freckled Song Thrush,
Birds Erie Evening Song.
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Have a Nice Day

We Won’t be saying “Have a Nice Day” here in the U.K. anymore. Not no more – Here’s Why -..-?!

‘Have a Nice Day?!’ We all hope ‘Ya’ll’ have fun and you enjoy your mom’s apple pie with your Budweiser beer and a couple of Jack Daniel’s & Coca Colas. What while some nations are starving in the streets and you guys are there with your refrigerators full?
I think therefore: Maybe baby? Knot!
British American colony Grand Union flag

The United States of America  celebrates its  Independence from Britain in the 18th. Century later this year once more as it will be over  or almost 250 years since they won the war of independence.  And the U.S.A. was born. I think it was the late 1770’s or early 1780’s, well, 1776 to be exact, when George Washington commanded the American Militia to victory against the British Continental Army with a bit of ‘assistance’ from those little tossers: the French!

Victory in battles such as Bunker Hill in Boston (which I have visited) and on the River Delaware ensured that Britain’s most prized colony, namely: the United States of America, now the richest most powerful nation in the world, was freed from the tight, evil grip of the crazy King George III of England.

I have visited some of the old battlefields, watched most of the movies and read some of the books on that, one of the most interesting and pivotal times in history. One of the few times the British army has ever been defeated in battle. One other occasion was in the Suez Crisis in the 1950’s. When it sadly became apparent that Britain was no longer a world power. After hundreds of years of world dominance, Britain and England were no longer a superpower. Why was this the case ? You may ask yourself …Well its mostly to do with the USA and the two world wars of the 20th. Century. War is an essential part of history, economics, social order, politics, race relations and religion. Not to mention world power and geopolitics.

George cross England flag
George cross England flag

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with the money from the accident

Levi Stubbs’ Tears
With the money from her accident,
She bought herself a mobile home,
So at least she could get some enjoyment,
Out of being alone.
No one could say that she was left up on the shelf,
It’s you and me against the World kid she mumbled to herself.
She ran away from home on her mother’s best coat,
She was married before she was even entitled to vote.
When the world falls apart some things stay in place,

Levi Stubbs tears ran down hisface,
Levi Stubbs tears ran down his face,
Song:Levi Stubbs Tears
Album: Talking to the Taxman about Poetry
Year:  1984 -’85 – London, England
 Songwriter: Billy Bragg

Levi Stubbs’ Tears lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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The ‘True Lives’ of Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction:‘- Quentin Tarantino’s  1994 downtown LA gangsters and white trash movie masterpiece of the 90’s.
An extremely well put together and very witty and hilarious masterpiece in ‘Film Noir’ or,  modern day American Hollywood movie film scores and script writing.
With the best biting, brilliant and wittiest of all one liners of my lifetime and that of my generation.
With  the most real and true to life dialogue as its spoken by such people then and now.
A short homemade live Facebook stream a few days ago ..
With me at my new home in Newcastle under Lyme in Staffordshire, England part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
You, watchin me, watchin it!
click below to play the short film clip and 2 sea or view moor [..]
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Bet365-Stoke-Win Big Cash Prizes Every Day of the Year

was streaming the stoke match this arvo, crystal palace, knock at me back door. old hag stinking of tarmac holding summit in her dirty paws. old hag says: excuse me sir.., would sir like byes sums lucky heather?! bring u luck and good fortune sir!? ..,if u wud only cross my dirty hand with 30 pieces of silver ? will ye ? pls? u will! u will?! pls!
i says: look duck.., bit busy. just streaming the stoke match. we’re 1 nil down .1st 15 mins! if u dunner mind.., not rite now ?!?
sir! if only u cud? please sir! u will! u will! u will! she insists.., ur fortunes will improve MOST dramatically for the better my love.., once the lucky heather is yours! u will?! u will!
so as not to incur one of thems there infamous Gypo curses.., i did infact purchase a small bud of lucky heather from the ode irish hag. puttin me hand in my empty pockets, or, so I thought, and pulled out 57p in beer change, unbelievably, as i thought i was skinters, not a penny from me Friday nite beer change i never knew i had and crossed that old Irish knackers palm with a single silver fifty pence piece (equivalent to lucky for Yankees half a silver $) and bronzen copers amounting to seven pence:-two 2ps and 3 single 1 pence pennys from heaven as she so insistingly demanded or pre-requested slamming the door, rather abrutely, in ‘er ugly ode face. then, went watch the rest of the stoke game.
as I sat down stoke suddenly scored 1- 1. one all! we equalised! then, again minutes later! as i held this so called lucky heather in my palm. F.! I thought to meself..,Is this summit do with this lucky heather i did indeed purchase from that ode irish hag?!!! the self proclaimed lucky as f. as a seventh son of a seventh son ode Irish knacker!?? seems we on top nah! brilliant!. then we scored again!!!! moments ltr! 3 – 1!!!! F.! this shite really workz? or, is it just bcoz of all the evil tainted money from bet365 we’ve gone 3 in one up??!?
as I pondered these thoughts 4a wee while.., there’s this second knock at me back door at the back of the house.
as i approached the back door once more for the second time there’s this very strong smell of tarmac again enimating from all around me. and there she woz again, stood.there., ode gypsy rose lee (the ode toothless Irish knacker from whom I’d 30 minutes ago purchased a small bud of her so called lucky heather).
stood there she says:
your change sir?!
handing me, unbelievably..,me change!
It’s only 50p a bud of lucky heather sir not 57p! said she.
Well! blow me down?! cheers me duck! who’d av guessed it! u! and me change! thanks very much shug! respect! God bless ya! You Irish pikey toothless old ugly hag.
Nah, get lost!
Then, as suddenly as she had appeared earlier, evaporated into thin air or like smoke enimating from a whakey backy bucket bong!

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